Snap-it - The Flipper Replacement

SnapIt - the Flipper Replacement
  • The ideal replacement for uncomfortable
    partial dentures or bulky flippers that make
    eating a chore
  • No coverage of palate & gums
  • Snap-it!™ is surprisingly flexible, yet
    incredibly strong & simply snaps into place
    over the patient’s existing dentition
  • NO prepping
  • NO injections
  • NO adhesives

Snap-On Smile® - Non-Invasive, Cosmetic Removable Arch

Snapon Smile
  • Removable arch that literally snaps over
    existing dentition without adhesives
  • Will not impinge on gingival tissue
  • Does not cover the palate
  • Patented transitional taper design is contact
    lens thin in the anterior & provides increased
    strength in the posterior, where it’s needed
  • Specialized medical-grade resin is flexible,
    comfortable and natural-looking
  • NO prepping
  • NO injections
  • NO adhesives

Temporaries - Non-Invasive, Cosmetic Removable Arch

Temporaries Provisionals
  • Can be fabricated to appear like pre-
    operative dentition or your prescribed
  • Excellent fit
  • Quick turn-around
  • Longer span bridges can be metal or fiber
  • Beautiful incisals
  • Strong occlusals
  • Available in bleach shades